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Monmouth News & Arts Weekly Magazine

“Latino Immigrant community making Architectural statement on Main Street Asbury Park at la Tapatia…”

Molly Mulshine
July 19th, 2012 – Edition

TriCity News

“If you are looking for an Authentic Mexican Cuisine in the City, look no further than La Tapatia on Main Street”
“Home to Fiery Burritos and Ballistic Burritos…”

“La Tapatia houses stunning murals that will drop you right into the streets of an old Pueblo…”

– Dan Jacobson
May 14th, 2009

Nosotros Newspaper

“Mr. German Garcia, owner of La Tapatia, provide lots of services to the community, not just the immigrants, that’s why Mr. Garcia has a lot of the Anglo community visiting his restaurant because they know he provides all that…”

– Cecilia Reynolds,
Publisher & Director

July 9th, 2012


Asbury Park Press, News Tribune

“I am so impressed with the integrity of the food here, its rustic nature and its true-to-motherland techniques”

“At La Tapatia there are wholesome classics that rely on ingredients Mexicans Home-cooks have been using for years and years…”

“The Simpler Tamales are delightful unsophisticated… the charm of the Masa and its fundamental accents do its ages-old thing…feed your soul…”

“Chichen Soup for the soul?… Get your recipe here by sipping La Tapatia’s Cuisine and learning… just learning…”

“Is the dishes here that defines the difference between Gringo-Mex and real Mexican cuisine…”

“…and once you have come here to appreciate the authentic sruff, you’ll find it hard to go with the crowds to the ingratiating imitations…”

“The beef-tongue Tacos at La Tapatia it’s a terrific choice, with exquisitely soft mild beef sliced and slipped onto a soft home-made flour tortilla shell. That’s it…really, another basic turned out with respect for tradition…”

Andrea Clurfeld
April 15th, 2007 – Edition


America’s Most Prestigous Dining & Shopping Guide

“You won’t find cheese slathered over every dish at this Asbury Park Mexican Restaurant, selling truly authentic sout-of-the-border cuisine, including a range of Tacos and Tamales washed down by horchatas , creamy authentic Mexican beverages made with rice or almonds…”


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